45 Years of Living in the Past

This year marked collector’s edition number 45 for the Minnesota Street Rod Association’s “Back to the Fifties” weekend. And again, a couple of buddies and I spent part of the day on Friday strolling the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. While I can’t speak for them, my cranial gears were firmly engaged in a severe yet highly pleasurable case of sensory overload!



They bought parts, I snapped photos. They spent money. I spent time, talking to long-time friends that I happily bumped into and making a few new acquaintances along the way. The weather was about perfect which made the experience even better. In all, it was a too-quick trip through the cars and the crowds and I walked off the fairgrounds wanting more. But what a day.

".... and going!"

“… and going!”

Enough with the words already; this event is pretty much beyond description. You can see the photos by clicking here.